Hopeless Nation

What could be seen as a more powerful symptom of a hopeless nation: parliamentary candidates praying and distributing church icons as giveaways or passengers (young, not elderly people) in the subway reading prayer books? And all this not because of the noticeable influence of the Orthodox Church, ubicuitous indeed, over politics and life in general in Romania, but because political parties behave more and more like political sects. Exactly like sects they are run by a patriarch and his priestly subordinates, whose authority is beyond and above any critique, and exactly like sects they impose on their followers a dogma impossible to question from inside without getting excommunicated or worse.

Now go out and spread the news about progress!

Later edit: here with quotes from politicians and more in-depth presentation!

2 Responses to “Hopeless Nation”

  1. 2 dromichaetes November 19, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    fix asa! ma uitam zilele astea pe niste poze de la o lansare de candidati USL. Si ce crezi? Cu fularele alea albe (de matase!!!) pe dupa gat si cu priviri pline de cuviosenie pareau fix un sobor de preoti. In fata alegatorilor politicienii nostri cad in extaz 😀

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